We build software that helps people lead better lives.

Excellence in software system development, mobile app innovation, and web design.

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We Are Citrus Suite

We craft user-focused digital products including software systems, web platforms, and mobile apps that inform, engage, and empower.

Established in 2008, we’ve served a diverse clientele spanning numerous sectors. Our portfolio features successful projects for Global Agencies, NHS, Pharmaceutical Companies, Non-Profits; from mobile health projects to bespoke platforms for SMEs & Start-Ups.

Software Development

Engineering digital tools that drive real-world progress. Transforming challenges into opportunities, empowering our clients & their customers, patients or staff. We build web-based platforms that deliver streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and improved well-being

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Mobile App Design

Fresh ideas, sharp solutions since the launch of the App Store. We develop native iPhone and Android apps, on smartphones and tablets, for one fixed price. From startups to enterprise clients, we work flexibly on a work-for-hire or partnership basis.

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Website Design

Weaving the fabric of your digital presence. We design responsive, SEO-optimised WordPress or bespoke websites that echo your brand’s voice while ensuring an exceptional user experience.

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At Citrus Suite, we’re more than just a digital solutions company. We believe in harnessing technological innovation to create new business models, support jobs, and enhance people’s day-to-day experience of the world. Trust us to shape your digital vision and turn it into reality.

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